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Well I woke up today to the cable company on their way to finally get our tv straightened out …it has been a month since it has worked correctly .I was actually thinking we would get a credit of some sort for not having the cable working properly for a month ,but guess what ……do not pass go ,do not receive a credit.I swear the Cable company’s in this country must be some of the richest people around ,these huge conglomerates are loaded with cash but yet they make us pay outrageous prices for the privilege of watching television.I do not understand it .

We actually checked out a couple other company’s to try to save a few dollars and what I ran into blew my mind Direct Tv has a special it is $34.99 per month for just cable which in its self isn’t bad but after the first yr it shoots up to $78.00 per month for just cable .Does this seem excessive to anyone else besides me ????

I do want to say the technician that came to our house was one of the nicest people I have ever met …Thanks Ken and keep up the GREAT work !


I’ll be back tomorrow to sound off about something else in my life …don’t get me wrong either I do love my life …..


I was thinking about the “state ” of the economy today while at the grocery store .As I looked around at everyone doing their shopping ,and you can almost see the despair on people’s faces ,one at the prices ,two because it was snowing like a son of a gun and three ,gas prices just went up again .

Now I live near a MAJOR seaport and for the life of me I can’t understand why are gas prices aren’t lower ….

In the  political arena they  say the economy has turned around ,have they actually been out there talking to real people ??? People who work hard ,try to pay their bills and they can’t even put food on the table …..People like your neighbor ,your children your parents ……This is my first post for my blog I will be back I hope what I wrote people relate to ..just unloading what I think